Our Mission Statement

"We improve appearance and add value to property!"

Awning Care Plus
Awning cleaning is carefully done using mild pressure and warm water with special cleaning solution methods, followed by a complete flush and rinse process. After the awnings have been cleaned, an optional fabric shield is available which will prolong the fabric life and color.

Graffiti Removal Specialists
Your graffiti problems will be gone with one call to us. Tags done with pens, spray cans, paint will be virtually removed! Immediate response scheduling. We use “earth friendly” products. We offer graffiti shield for faster, lower cost tag and paint removal.

Steam on Wheels
Steam pressure washing & wet sandblasting Industrial - Commercial – Residential. Over 35 years of experience in steam cleaning all exterior surfaces, including sidewalks, building exteriors, plazas, etc.

Glass Film Protection Specialists
Prevents shattering & vandalism scratches, Commercial buildings & storefront windows. Great burglary protection for residential windows and sliding patio doors.

For more than 37 years, we have improved the appearance of and added value to many businesses and properties. At Van Gelder Enterprises Inc., the premier steam cleaning company in San Francisco, CA, we offer a variety of services for you to benefit from.

From awning cleaning, graffiti removal, and glass film protection, Van Gelder Enterprises Inc. uses green products to protect the environment while making sure your building is looking its best.

For graffiti removal, trust that we will respond within 24 hours to remove the unwanted tags on your building. To prevent shattering and vandalism, we also offer glass film protection. Never again will scratches or acid etching harm your windows. Our shield is triple layered and applied bubble free to keep up the appearance and protection of your glass. Additionally, invest in the longevity of your awnings with our awning cleaning services; our services will bring new life back into any awning at your home or business.

Since our inception, quality work by loyal and experienced employees in addition to a proven record of business integrity have been the keys to maintaining clients, all while growing our business. For more information about our steam cleaning service, contact us today.