Welcome to Van Gelder Enterprises, Inc.

  • Our Birds Away / Pigeons Away division is dedicated to pigeon and pest bird control. Our goal is to provide cost effective solutions to pest bird problems by using, low visibility, aesthetically focused, humane methods that offer the value and results that our clients expect.
  • The Graffiti Removal Specialists division specializes in invisible removal of all types of graffiti from any surface – with “no Residual Shadow” results.
  • If your commercial or industrial project needs surface steam cleaning, power washing or wet sandblasting, then our Steam on Wheels division can spotlessly clean your problem items or areas.
  • Our Awning Care Plus division specializes in cleaning your vinyl or canvas awnings. Additionally, our team can apply a UV sealant to protect against color fade caused by the sun’s harmful rays.
  • If your commercial building has glass or storefront windows, our Glass Film Protection Specialists can apply a custom film shield to each of your windows. This film helps protect from UV rays and permanent vandalism markings. It also precludes “snatch & grab” window smashing events by keeping the entire glass intact.