Glass Film Protection is a No-Brainer

An extra form of protection for your home or business, glass film protection is installed on glass windows and doors to help fight against accidental injury, fierce weather and vandalism. Made from an adhesive film, these clear applications can be added to property without anyone even noticing.

When a glass window breaks, pieces and shards of glass can fall into a room or outside into grass. It’s all too easy for glass to be stepped on or picked up, resulting in an accidental injury. Glass film protection holds the broken pieces of glass together so instead of becoming a shattered hazard, they remain in the window, just cracked, thanks to the adhesion.

What if your glass door breaks in the middle of a storm? Now your home or office is vulnerable to damaging winds, rain, hail, snow and even flying debris. Not only is your protection barrier broken, but the interior of your building now faces the elements. Glass film keep glass pieces together and nature out until it can be repaired.

Unprotected glass is a common target for vandals and burglars. While security systems can alert you to break-ins, veteran criminals often find a way around them. Even with a heavy object, film protection prevents entry, often diverting the perpetrator to easier targets.

Glass film also protects against vandalism because the film can easily be pealed away and replaced. No scrubbing or repainting – your glass is simply back to new.

The combination of security, affordability and convenience make glass film protection a simple choice when it comes to protecting your property. The best time to add film glass protection isn’t after a window breaks or gets vandalized; it’s before.